An online program designed to support the development of skills for educators, trainers, leaders, managers, entering or advancing in international mobility and in young and adult learning and training.

Une formation à distance innovante bilingue français-anglais intensive en un an.


The program is designed for people who are entering or advancing in positions associated with training, education, adult learning, and training in diverse settings that require international understanding and intercultural knwo-how : educators, training leaders, advisers, teachers, NGOS (charities) educational development leaders in order to bring about improvements in developing education. 




Educational training and intervention, training management, expertise and consulting, research, etc. 

Objectives and Curriculum

To step into the complexities of education in a globalized world by examining current policies and practices of education and training in various regional contexts.

To mobilize analytical resources in order to develop training schemes taking into account social, economic and cultural contexts.

To develop cultural and language skills for professional integration or development in the field of formal or informal education at the European and international level.

To adopt a reflective and ethical analysis of the management in education and training, grounded in the social sciences drawing insights from educational sciences, anthropology, applied linguistics, comparative education and political science.

Students will acquire knowledge of other countries and cultural and educational set- tings, mediating knowledge and intercultural know-how accross cultures in their ana- lysis of the formal and informal school systems as they reflect on history, culture, development, values, contemporary concerns and future trends. 

To acquire tools and methods of analysis that enable students to play a variety of roles as educators, educational developers and leaders in diverse settings.


Classroom training sessions hours
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Distance tutored sessions hours
ECTS credits


The Master’s program combines carefully integrated sessions of distance learning and classroom-based courses at the Graduate School of Education during
2 semesters (6O ECTS).





This program meets the challenge of training through three leverage actions:


Ce programme innovant s’appuie sur le développement international de la recherche et mobilise l’expertise scientifique et professionnelle d’une équipe internationale d’universitaires, d’experts et de formateurs, et du LACES, laboratoire de recherche de l'Université de Bordeaux.





Master Program presentation

Master Program presentation

International students & programs Supports

International students & programs Supports

Welcome to ESPE Aquitaine, University of Bordeaux

Welcome to ESPE Aquitaine,
University of Bordeaux



UE 3-1: Contexts of education & training

  • Connaissances et analyse des professions de la formation
  • Droit de l’éducation et de la formation
  • Gestion des ressources humaines

> 6 ECTS <

UE 3-2: Learning environment & adult development

  • Développement de l’adulte et modèles d’apprentissage
  • Connaissance des dispositifs d’éducation et de formation

> 6 ECTS <

UE 3-3: Policies of education and assessment

  • Politiques comparées de l’éducation, de l’emploi et de la jeunesse
  • Evaluation des dispositifs et systèmes de formation

> 6 ECTS <

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